Privacy Isn’t the Opposite of Security

How Telegram Became The App Of Choice For ISIS Even though governments are closely monitoring internet activities, terrorists can still hide in the shadow. Telegram is designed to provide encrypted communications. With innocent citizens’ privacy being violated by the governments, most ISIS groups gain their “privacy” with Telegram. U.S. MASS SURVEILLANCE HAS NO RECORD OF THWARTING […]

The Importance of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality stands for the idea that all data on the Internet should be treated equally, which including no charging different companies differently, no slowing down or blocking certain websites. But the new chairman of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ended the investigation about mobile phone companies charging users differently for using different apps. Just like what Christopher Ali said in […]

Online Learning Needs Improvements

The recent report from Digital Learning Compass shows that 30% students have enrolled in distant courses and nearly half of them exclusively take distant education. On the contrary of the growth of distant learning enrollment, on-campus enrollment has dropped 5% since 2012. But is our online learning mature enough for students to exclusively learn online? Ross Smythe ‘s […]

How Professional Blogging Can Get You a Job

With the constant increase in unemployment rate, getting a job is becoming more and more difficult. The situation for new college graduates is also not optimistic. According to the NACE Job Outlook 2017  survey,  the hiring projection for new college graduates is flat. Currently, available job positions are clearly not sufficient for new college graduates who are […]

Resources for Digital Identities

  The article Associative Networks introduces Bower’s theory of associated network: memories are stored as groups and the groups of memories can be triggered by a node. Also, the article cites Gruszka and Necka’s research of the relationship between creativity and associative memory – creative people are more likely to make more associations between words.   The Impact of E-mail Communication on Organizational […]

The New Problems of the Information Age

Living in the Information Era, we are used to the digital cameras, smart phones, and personal computers. But it is still hard to believe that Vannevar Bush, the author of  “As We May Think”, has already precisely predicted many technological innovations we have today in 1945. He suggested that people should create devices that improved human’s […]