Resources for Digital Identities

  The article Associative Networks introduces Bower’s theory of associated network: memories are stored as groups and the groups of memories can be triggered by a node. Also, the article cites Gruszka and Necka’s research of the relationship between creativity and associative memory – creative people are more likely to make more associations between words.   The Impact of E-mail Communication on Organizational […]

The New Problems of the Information Age

Living in the Information Era, we are used to the digital cameras, smart phones, and personal computers. But it is still hard to believe that Vannevar Bush, the author of  “As We May Think”, has already precisely predicted many technological innovations we have today in 1945. He suggested that people should create devices that improved human’s […]

Blog Post #2

#1 As student privacy becoming a top issue in education, Audrey Watters stresses the importance of giving students their own domain in her article “The Web We Need to Give Students”. In the beginning of the article, Watters puts two contrasting opinions regarding students’ online data – whether to restrict it or use it for […]