DA#10: RescueTime

We’ve talked a lot about productivity and time management in the class, but we haven’t actually reflected on our own time-spending habits. So the digital activity that I think would be helpful is to use the RescueTime app. RescueTime is an app that can automatically monitor the digital activities on your device and summarize how you allocate your time.


  1. Install the RescueTime app or Chrome extension.
  2. Use it for a week and track your progress over time.
  3. Write a blog post to reflect on your technology use.


I have used this app for a couple of weeks and it helped me to realize how easy I can be distracted when doing academic work. It’s astonishing to see that I spent 40 hours more being distracted than doing real work. I think this activity is necessary for students to have a better understanding of their daily technology use. They will know exactly how productive they are and how many hours they spent on YouTube. Only after acknowledging how easily people can be distracted by entertainment can they truly realize the necessity of finding solutions to improve their productivity.

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