How Professional Blogging Can Get You a Job

With the constant increase in unemployment rate, getting a job is becoming more and more difficult. The situation for new college graduates is also not optimistic. According to the NACE Job Outlook 2017  survey,  the hiring projection for new college graduates is flat. Currently, available job positions are clearly not sufficient for new college graduates who are looking for a job.  Consequently, now the problem lies on how to stand out among competitors in the job market. The solution K.D.Shives provided, in his article Blogging to Establish Your Digital Identity, is blogging.

A blog can be a platform to show your work to a larger audience other than your teachers and peers, which means it can be a portfolio for potential employers. A blog can also increase your visibility to employers. When other people google you, they will see a very professional image of you and have a good impression on you. Let alone you have control over it and you can select the content that you want to present.  A blog can make you special to your employers. It can show multiple dimensions of you and let potential employers have a more direct and convincing way to know you. Instead of putting “I’m a critical thinker and I’m good at writing” in your resume, employers can make their own observation and judgment through your blog posts. And it also shows your writings and thoughts are not limited to school work.

Nowadays, technology became an indispensable part of our life. As shown in the  NACE Job Outlook 2017  survey, a majority of companies now use technology and social networks to recruit new college graduates.  Colleges and companies present their information via websites and they may check your social media accounts during the recuiting process. When blogging, you post your opinions and thoughts after careful assessment. It will be more preventive of how you are than social media. In addition, Many colleges now recommend using ZeeMee, a website which you can share photos and videos, as a way to introduce yourself instead of merely application essays and interviews. It indicates a trend in a more variable way to present applications. And a blog can serve as ZeeMee in your job application. We should utilize domains as our portfolio and a more lively resume.

Also, blog posting can also help you to improve your writing and academic skills. As Eric Stoller mentioned in his article,  seven types of digital literacies can help students to improve their academic performance. Even though blogging costs time and money, the benefits of professionally blogging far exceed the cost.


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