My Digital Identity

Since many Chinese names spell the same in English, I can easily predict that plenty of results will come out when searching my name. Consequently, I started to search my Chinese name. I only use my real name on Facebook and Linkedin, so I am not worried about having embarrassing photos of me online. However, to my surprise, I found my electric guitar performance video that my teachers took in their studio. They posted the video on their blog and wrote about their recognition of my time and efforts put on practicing. Also, I found the results of a writing competition I participated in last year. I’m pretty happy about being included in the award nomination. At least it is better than having no feedback at all. Turns out my online presence is more personal than I expect.

But in the future, I want my domain to be seen and have a more professional appearance on the Internet, which means I need to do something now.

I’m not using my domain efficiently. I should make it more lively and not just about class assignments. And utilizing school resources to learn more about website development is also important. I want my articles, drawings, and life be seen when people google me, and most importantly, having control over it.


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