Review of Khan Academy

I have used Khan Academy for a long time. At first, I noticed this website when doing readings in my English class. An article introduced Salman Khan, the founder of the Khan Academy, and how he came up with the idea of creating a non-profit education organization through tutoring a cousin online. I signed up for this website out of curiosity, but it really came in handy when my high school coursework got too overwhelming. I’m not good at chemistry. Worse still,  I started to find it hard to keep up with my classmates. The videos offered in Khan Academy are at the elementary level. It is helpful for me to understand the basis of a discipline.

I stopped using this website after high school graduation. But my microeconomic tutor this semester also highly recommended it because videos are easier to process than reading long articles. Last week, I use the videos on the Khan Academy to learn the basics of game theory, and it clarified many important concepts. The Khan Academy also begin to offer videos in different languages, and it has a very professional Chinese page. I also found a voluntary Chinese translation group that is helping the Khan Academy to create Chinese subtitles.

The class schedule in the Khan Academy is corresponding with my macroeconomics textbook, which is very convenient. The only thing that is not very satisfying is that the Khan Academy does not have videos about psychology or sociology, and only provide introductory classes.

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