The Role of Technology in My Life


I warily stood up and quickly glanced down the parking lot through the window. My parents haven’t come back. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued playing computer games. It has already become my routine – secretly playing games after school. I was so caught up in the moment that I lost my vigilance. Hearing the hum of the car engine, I panicked. While shutting down my computer, I fetch out the textbooks. Not surprisingly, after the sound of a key inserted in the door, my mother came in. For the 10-year-old me, technology is only about entertainment.


Having my own laptop for the first time was an extremely fresh experience. Suddenly I had such a powerful tool in my life that enabled me to freely explore the world. All those typing exercises on 7 grade were useless compared to how I naturally improved my typing skills through the intensifying use of PCs. My parents, however, began to regret their decision about giving me a laptop because I spent too much time on it. Still, I carried my laptop with me all the time even while traveling, although it was very heavy for a 14 years old girl. I used it to play Terraria, chat with my friends and write essays. My laptop could basically tell you everything about me. At that time, technology is a way to keep a record of my life and interact with the outside world.


My smartphone wakes me up at 8:00 AM. I pick up my phone and check new messages. Health app notifies me that I only slept for 6 hours and 50 minutes yesterday. After changing clothes, I go to my P.E. class. The elliptical machine measures my heart rate and running speed. After P.E. class, I go back to my room and open my laptop. My professor adds a new assignment on Canvas. I open OneNote to make a note on requirements and add the due day on Google Calendar.

Our daily life has deeply rooted in technology.

In 2008, the role of technology for me is only entertainment. In 2012, technology is a novel toy which I have total control over. But now, technology is also about more efficient study strategies and convenient communication. As I grew older, I can use technology in a more productive way because I have more self-control and know how to allocate my time. With the development of technology, I also developed as a more mature technology user over time.

I am always addicted to computers and cell phones. When I was a child, my addiction to technology caused me a lot of time and I could not focus on study. During 2012, I sacrificed many outdoor activities due to my addiction to technology. But now, I am addicted to technology in a good way. The different roles technology plays in my life boost my productivity and help me live a better life. And my parents are no longer against me using technology all the time because they know I can handle it well. Undoubtedly, Technology is a double-edged sword. But from my point of view, the problem is not whether to use it but how to use it. Use it wisely, it can greatly benefit your life, otherwise, it can only do harm to yourself.

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