Writing Tools – Your Personal Proofreaders


I have used Grammarly since January 2017. I was preparing for my college application essays at that times so I tried different writing tools and found Grammarly. As a non-native English speaker,  I often make small typing and syntax errors. Grammarly can always find them and save me from the embarrassment of noticing them afterward. Also, I do not need to fix errors right away, so that I can write down the new thoughts and ideas in my mind before they slide away. Moreover, the layout of Grammarly website is net and organized. I like writing on their website much better than writing with Word.

Jetpack for WordPress

But Grammarly can only fix my errors, it cannot give me information on how to improve my writing. That is why Jetpack can easily draw my attention – it can detect problems associated with tones, passive voice, and etc. I use passive voice all the time, even though I know it would make my writings less effective. So this passive voice detection feature is extremely useful for me. But the installation process of Jetpack is quite confusing and complicated for me. If it wasn’t because of my need for passive voice detection feature, I might give up instead of searching for instructions. Unfortunately, Jetpack does not have a browser plugin version. I have to copy and paste my writing into my website to proofread it.

Overall speaking, Grammarly is more convenient and can help me with daily writings, while Jetpack is more powerful and suitable for writing assignments and professional writings.



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