#3 Female and Medication

From traditional Chinese medicine, there are differences in the diagnosis process. And the gender barriers and traditional female virtues often times caused the inefficiency in women’s treatment. Some occupations that specialized in female treatments partially compensated male doctors’ roles., but having more female doctors is still crucial for the well being for women.

Many previous studies were conducted by male researchers and some theories developed by studying male subjects were directly applied to women as well. But male and female could exhibit different symptoms for the same disease. For instance, most of the general population and even some physicians only know the typical heart attack symptoms of men, but women would actually exhibit more complex symptoms than the chest and left arm pain. Thus, a lot of women ignore their symptoms until it is too late. Fewer women than men survive their first heart attack.

It is important to know that sometimes theories developed by studying men cannot be simply applied to women. That is why more women should enter the industry and gender differences should be taken into account when doing research.

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